Getting Through Panic Attacks


I had never had a huge problem with my anxiety until this year. I mean, yeah it would come and I’d feel really nervous and sweaty, but I had no idea how much I’d be dealing with today.

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I’ve had bad experiences with school, and this severe anxiety just sort of gradually developed. Every day I’d feel worse at school, until I reached a point where my anxiety made me feel like throwing up. In class I was hot, sweaty, shaky and terrified. I honestly have no clue if my classmates notice that kinda thing, but I was just in my own little world of freak-out.

Awhile ago, my therapist recommended that I use “DBT skills” that have to do with sensory input. DBT stands for Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. This is a type of therapy that takes the cognitive behavioral approach to dealing with mental illness. I have trouble explaining things sometimes, so I’m not sure if that made sense, buuut let’s act like it did.

Here is a really in depth list of DBT skills that you can use in difficult situations. I just really wanted to write something about DBT because it helped me get through some awful anxiety. I was at school (in French class), trying not to throw up from the anxiety, when I pulled a little candy out of my backpack and popped it in my mouth.

This happened to be a warhead, and I’d never had one so I didn’t realize how intensely sour the flavor would be. It kinda shocked me out of my anxiety, like seriously. It was so sour I got dizzy for a second, but it disrupted my anxiety and I was still a little shaky afterwards, but better able to handle the situation.

Sooo, tl;dr

Using something positive that affects your senses can help get you through bad anxiety and probably depression/negative moods as well.

I don’t know about you, but I have spring break pretty soon and I’m super excited! I hope everyone’s doing well and that this post helped you in some way. Au revoir!


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