Top 10 Websites for Students


Students these days seem to deal with a lot of stress and have very busy lives with lots going on. Tons of hard work goes into being a student, and the websites on this top ten list all have the possibility of being extremely beneficial for those students (as well as teachers). The listed websites serve many different purposes but are all somewhat similar in that they help with organization and accomplishment as well as motivation and checking your work or getting a better grade.

Though these websites were initially compiled into a list for the use of students, the sites can also help just about anyone who needs that extra bit of drive in their life and could use better organizational skills.

So, for those of you looking to improve your life and work as a student, I present you with this list, meant to meet all of your scholarly needs and assist you every single day. If this helped you at all, don’t forget to leave a comment and let me know, or even tell me if you found any difficulties with these websites or have something to add!



Quizlet is a website meant for students (and teachers) to help with organization, studying and getting the most when it comes to learning. It can be used to create methods of studying including the use of flashcards, educational games and more. Several years ago, educators actually performed a study comparing Quizlet to the Frayer Model (a graphic organizer aimed to help students learn vocabulary) in a class of students with learning disabilities. The results showed both the preference and effectiveness of Quizlet had better scores than that of the Frayer Model. It’s a great resource for those looking to expand their knowledge and improve their overall education.



Having trouble with proper grammar in your writing? This might solve that problem. Grammarly is just what it sounds like, a grammar checker that has the ability to identify a plethora of grammatical errors such as misspellings, incorrect punctuation and even sentence structure. It even has a premium option for those willing to spend a little money to get the best quality service there is. Upgrading to premium is guaranteed to catch errors and correct twice an many mistakes as it would if you used it for free. Additionally, Grammarly’s premium plan has a plagiarism checker to make sure students don’t unintentionally borrow content from other writers. You can become a premium member for just one annual payment at a rate of about twelve dollars per month. Grammarly is a great resource to use, especially when considering all the time you’ll save editing your writing.



Finishing a writing assignment can be tough, especially with the stress perfectionists are often faced with where they obsessively tweak this or that, or anything else seemingly problematic. With the burden of writing a flawless paper weighing on your shoulders, it’s clear there’s no need for any extra worrying. Often times, when you’re done writing that paper, you just want to put all your sources together and get the bibliography out of the way (though some people work on their bibliography as they go). BibMe is a website that makes this process as painless as possible. It’s used to assist students in creating their citations and can be a real timesaver. The site, designed in 2007, is completely free and will generate the content of your bibliography once you enter in the required information. It offers APA, MLA and Chicago/Turabian formats and will cite journals, websites, books, videos, etc. This is essential for any hard-working student looking to easily wrap up that final bit of their assignment.



Sharing ideas and using different methods of communication is something that’s very important to our society. Prezi is a website that allows you to create beautiful and informative presentations that you can work on either online or just on your computer. It’s a unique software that even includes zooming and panning features. It’s another great website for saving time, and would be incredibly helpful for those classes you need to present in or even if you’re just trying to get your ideas across to a group of people. Prezi is not free, but it does have a free trial and a few different options if you’re willing to pay. These options are standard, plus and premium which each come with different benefits for that extra amount of cash. It might be a little pricey, but the value of your ability to communicate will be priceless. This is definitely a useful website for all students.


Google Scholar

Sometimes finding proper content to use in your bibliography can be really challenging. Google Scholar, a part of Google, was created for use in finding scholarly articles. An online study in 2007 compared online databases such as this one and found that they were practical in use. Additionally, Google Scholar can be accessed for free and offers different search facilities. It can help in the retrieval of any information seemingly obscure, but the citation information isn’t updated very often. However, it is still an amazing and helpful tool for any student to use to find information for their assignments and get work done. You may use it as a primary or secondary resource, but either way your work is guaranteed to benefit from its use.



Evernote is an organizational site that provides students and teachers with the ability to record detailed notes and then organize them in the way that works best for whatever assignment or project. When visiting the site, users are greeted with the option to sign up and with text referring to Evernote as your “second brain.” The site says, “Capture, organize, and share notes from anywhere. Your best ideas are always with you and always in sync.” This perfectly describes the website because you can get all the info you need into these little notes on your computer, phone or tablet, and additionally can share those files with other people like a teacher that requires notes to be turned in or with classmates. In 2012, a study was published that showed the advantages of “electronic laboratory notebooks” (ELNs) over the use of “paper laboratory notebooks” (PLNs). In a translational science laboratory at New York University School of Medicine, Evernote was used to record experimental information and it was found that, “. . . the numerous advantages of ELNs greatly outweighed the inability to freehand directly into a notebook.” This really helps prove how useful Evernote can be in these settings, as well as its potential for others.



Learning how to organize complex information can be extremely difficult, and developing a mind map is a strategy that students use to clarify their thoughts and build a foundation to work from. This could clearly be useful in a number of situations but is definitely helpful when it comes to the organization of student ideas. XMind is a software that you can use to create mind maps. It has several price options for its usage, the first one being free, but with slightly less features than you would receive if you paid. XMind Plus is the next step up from the free version and offers a customizable theme as well as the ability to export. Finally, XMind Pro is the most expensive but also likely the most beneficial, as you can get a lot out of it. It includes clip art, a brainstorming mode, presentation mode, audio notes and more. It’s another great resource for students looking for excellent technology to help them out with their education.



Most of us could surely benefit from the use of a program to help organize our tasks and motivate us to complete them. This is exactly what the website, Todoist, is for. It’s a free task manager online that can help students stay organized during the year and keep track of their accomplishments as well as whatever general tasks they need to complete. It’s very easy to use and the effects of its benefit could be limitless. Additionally, for those looking to take things one step further, Todoist does offer a premium plan that costs around 2 or 3 dollars per month and is charged annually. Those who make use of this website could not only feel more accomplished, but may also be happier once potential stressors (difficult tasks) are out of the way.



Habitica is absolutely perfect for anyone who would consider themselves to be a little bit on the nerdy side or for those of you who love games and would be willing to add a sort of gaming aspect to your everyday routine. Previously, it was called Habit RPG, but its name has since changed. Habitica promotes the development of new (and hopefully positive) habits by taking real world situations and making the tasks you do every day a bit more rewarding. Multiple areas of your life can be managed through Habitica, such as health, work, school, chores, etc. Since often a lot of young people seem to be interested in gaming, this is a really unique and helpful option for some students.



Plagiarism is a serious offense these days and even accidentally using the same wording someone else might have used can be seen as wrong. The best thing students can do in this situation is to use a quality resource to check for plagiarism. Copyscape is a good example of this, as its premium service can check for the possibility of plagiarism and inform you if your work is similar to that of another person. This way you can be sure your teachers are likely to give a higher grade, and it keeps you out of any trouble you could have possibly gotten into for just a simple mistake. It’s crucial to use a website like this or a similar program to check for any problem areas that may cause you issues later on down the line.


Thanks for reading! I hope it was helpful to you even in the least little bit. This was actually originally written for Listverse, which is a site that lets users submit top 10 lists, but unfortunately it wasn’t accepted. I’m actually okay with that though because it gives me all the more reason to share it here with you all. Let me know what you think!


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